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Man United fans are furious with Steve McManaman after what he said about Jose Mourinho

Former Liverpool player Steve McManaman fueled some reactions on Twitter after what he said about Jose Mourinho and Manchester United after the Red Devils’ 1-0 victory against Tottenham on Saturday.

It wasn’t an exctiting encounter at all, with the only goal of the match being scored in the 81’st minute by second half substitute Anthony Martial.

Jose Mourinho

Speaking on BT Sport studio, McManaman was very critical with the way the Portugese manager is approaching matches.

“I have an issue with the way he’s managing Manchester United,” he said on BT Sport. “If he was managing Liverpool and playing the same way, I wouldn’t be happy.”

“I want to be entertained, and I’m not being entertained [by Mourinho’s tactics].”

“You can’t just go back and say ‘Oh yeah we got three points today’. I want to be entertained. I don’t want to be going to game and coming out saying ‘That was rubbish but we won 1-0’.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League

“If Man Utd fans are happy, fine I’ve got not problem. But I would rather be sitting and watching Pep Guardiolas team destroying teams every week.”

Man United fans were quick to react on Twitter and defend their manager, slamming McManaman’s comments/

Here are the best reactions. //Actuantes//

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