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This Arsenal fans react after club announced their new manager will make your day

Arsenal today announced the new manager for their woman team.

And fans were disappointed because they thought Arsene Wenger was sacked and Arsenal had appointed a new manager.

Arsene Wenger is getting more criticism after their defeat, 1:3, at Manchester City last weekend.

Thousands of fans wanted that club to sack the Frenchman manager after his side failed to qualify Champions League spot, reports SunSport.

 Arsene Wenger has come under heavy fire as Arsenal boss over the last 12 months

And for a moment, Arsenal’s fans thought their dreams become true when Arsenal’s official Twitter account retweeted that a new manager had been appointed.

The tweet read: “We’ve got some news. Australian manager to take over after the departure of Pedro Martinez Losa”.

It was in fact Joseph Montemurro who was appointed after leaving Melbourne City.

And fans were fully disppointed and they take quick to share their words.

One supporter wrote: “I thought Wenger was getting replaced.”

Another fan joked:”Waiting for changing men’s manager like:’ with a GIF of a skeleton tapping his fingers on a desk”.

Another fan said: “Pity he isn’t taking over the men’s team.”

In a strange coincidence an Argentinean side called Arsenal also signed a new manager on Tuesday.

But whether Arsenal fans like it or not, Wenger will stay at ”Emirates Stadium” more than this season because he penned a new two-year contract in last summer.//Actuantes// 

 Arsenal fans have been protesting for Arsene Wenger to leave the club

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