The surprising job Antonio Conte is being heavily linked to take now [Mirror]

Antonio Conte is being wanted to take Italy job once again after the Azzurri miserably failed to qualify to the World Cup.

Conte, Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Mancini are the three names that are being linked with the job.

But the Mirror are reporting that the current Chelsea manager is the preferred option of the Italian Football Federation, and could be offered to take charge of the national team for the second time.

The 48-year-old led Italy to the quarter-finals of Euro 2016, and after two years spent as the head coach of the former World Cup champions, he joined Chelsea, winning the Premier League title in his first season.

However, he never hided his desire to move back to his homeland, with his contract expiring in 2019.

Ancelotti would be an immediate option after he was sacked by Bayer Munich last month, but it is said he wants to rest this season, while Juventus manager Max Allegri is another option.

An Italian legend even suggested for the appointment of Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho.

“We need reform from the bottom up, from the youth sector. I ask though, are we still a world football power? In terms of the coach I think Mourinho is the right one. We need to get a great coach, even in the interim,” said the former World Cup winner Giuseppe Bergomi.

“I’m being provocative saying Mourinho, but I’d like someone like Mancini — in short, an important coach who also trains a club.” //Actuantes//

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