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Barcelona, Real Madrid and PSG are the only football teams who get close to NBA clubs for player salaries

Barcelona and Real Madrid aren’t even in the top three of clubs who offer the highest salaries to their players.

NBA clubs remain the ones who dominate in that list.

Only three football clubs enter the list of ten clubs from all sports who pay their players the most

Oklahoma City Thunder are the ones who top of the list, having made huge progress after last year they ranked 33’rd in the same list.

The NBA gaints offer a fee around 7.8 million euros for one of their stars.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors pay one of their players around 7.5million euros.

Fourth come Barcelona with 7.2million euros, while Real Madrid are ninth.

Check the full list below. //Actuantes//

10.New Orleans Pellicans – Paga mesatare 6.6 milionë euro

9.Real Madrid – Paga mesatare 6.8 milionë euro

8.L.A. Clippers – Paga mesatare 7 milionë euro

7.Portland Trail Blazers – Paga mesatare 7 milionë euro

6.Charlotte Hornets – Paga mesatare 7 milionë euro

5.PSG – Paga mesatare 7 milionë euro

4.F.C. Barcelona – Paga mesatare 7.2 milionë euro

3.Golden State Warriors – Paga mesatare 7.5 milionë euro

2.Cleveland Cavaliers – Paga mesatare 7.5 milionë euro

1.Oklahoma City Thunder – Paga mesatare 7.8 milionë euro


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