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Jose Mourinho reacts after his team drawed against Burnely

Manchester United failed to win today against Burnley in the Premier League.

”Red Devils” drawed against Burnley with result, 2-2 at the ”Old Trafford”.

And after this, Jose Mourinho has reacted saying that he is not happy with the result.

“The boys fought against the 2-0 at half-time, so nothing at all negative to say about my players. I praise their spirit, their reaction, the way they accept all the risks we took in the second half.”

“One thing is a big club, another is a big football team, we are in second year of trying to rebuild a football team that is not one of the best in the world. “

“Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea doesn’t have responsibility to win the title. Man City buy full backs for the price of strikers.”

“It’s not enough and the price for the big clubs is different for the others clubs.”

“The boys do what they can trying hard with injuries we have, I am not happy with the result but I’m happy with my players so no criticism of them.”

“I have nothing negative to say about my players”.//Actuantes//

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