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Why Antoine Griezmann move to Man United, Barcelona or Real Madrid could fall through

Manchester United, Barcelona dhe Real Madridi could end their interest for Antoine Griezmann.

That’s because after French striker has failed to show his best ability with Atletico Madrid and France in the next 6 months.

French journalist, Julien Laurens thinks in this way, also he says that the huge wage of Griezmann could be another reason for European giants.

Griezmann has failed to impress this season disppointing the interested clubs for him.

“He was very close to leaving Atletico last summer but stayed only because of being loyal to the club because they couldn’t sign anyone who could play before January, so he didn’t want to leave them with them not having a straight replacement, although they got Diego Costa, but that was more for after Griezmann as well,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Euro Leagues Football Show.

Antoine Griezmann

“Now it looks like Barcelona, we’re not sure if they will still have the €100m to buy his release clause out and sign him in the summer. Although I still think Barcelona will be his favoured destination. 

“Although his mate Paul Pogba is putting a lot of pressure on him to come and join him at United where he was really close to going last summer. So I still think United is a very, very credible option for him.

“I think Real Madrid, who at some point will have to buy big names, big stars, is still a big option. And since Theo Hernandez’s move from one Madrid club to the other it looks like that unofficial rule that you don’t sign any Atletico players if you’re Real Madrid or Real Madrid players if you’re Atletico has gone out of the window a bit. You could see maybe Griezmann just changing Madrid clubs.

“But it is very important because if he is not good in the next six months, he doesn’t have a good World Cup either, a lot of clubs will be a bit put off by his wage demands because clearly wants a lot of money for his salary. The €100m release clause is quite affordable for a lot of clubs to be fair. But the wages, if he wants around £400,000 a week, that’s a lot of money if he hasn’t delivered for a full season with Atletico and with France. So the next six months are gonna be huge for him.”//Actuantes//

Antoine Griezmann

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