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Why Lionel Messi broke Copa del Rey tradition

FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi played a huge role in the Catalan club’s 5-0 win in the Copa del Rey final this weekend, but broke a certain tradition when captain Andres Iniesta was handed the trophy.

The Blaugrana swept Sevilla aside in Saturday’s final, winning 5-0 thanks to goals from Messi, Iniesta, Philippe Coutinho and a brace from Luis Suarez.

Many believe it was the last time fans would see Iniesta play in a cup final for the Catalans as there is talk he may be leaving Spain for China.

The Catalan club’s skipper was replaced with a few minutes left in the tie, a moment that had Barca and Sevilla supporters on their feet, and Iniesta in tears.


Despite certain members of the Spanish giants’ board playing down rumours that Iniesta is leaving, Messi’s gesture after the game added fuel to the claims.  

According to the Daily Express, it is said to be tradition for Barca to allow both the first and second captain to collect the trophy together.

However, Iniesta made his way up to the podium on his own, and it has been said that Messi told him to do so as he did not want to steal the limelight.

The 33-year-old lifted the trophy by himself before making his way back down to the pitch, where his teammates were waiting for him.


Reports in Spain suggest that Iniesta will announce his decision, as to whether he will be staying or leaving, this week.

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