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Roberto Firmino Calls Sergio Ramos An ‘Idiot’ Over Recent Comments

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino has responded to the recent controversial comments from Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos.

After his antics in the Champions League final, Ramos has become public enemy number one for Liverpool fans. There was a petition to get him banned which reached over 500,000 signatures, and the Spaniard infuriated Reds’ supporters further in his latest interview.

He said Mohamed Salah grabbed him first in their altercation and that he could have played on in Champions League final despite suffering a shoulder injury from a nasty landing.

Image: PA


What’s more, he provided the most Ramos response to tests revealing Loris Karius was concussed from the off the ball elbow he received from the Los Blancos centre-back.

“Bloody hell, how people have paid attention to the Salah thing” he said, as per AS.

“Next the keeper says he’s concussed because of collision with me. All that’s left is for (Roberto) Firmino to say he caught a cold because a drop of my sweat fell on him.”

Firmino, currently gearing for his first World Cup with Brazil, was asked to give his thoughts on what Ramos had to say and initially didn’t want to comment.


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