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McGregor arrives in LA and has a strong message for Mayweather

Conor McGregor has arrived in Los Angeles to for press conference before the big match against Floyd Mayweather, which will be held in Las Vegas.

The heavyweight champion in UFC has joined the boxing world to fight Mayweather on August 26.

In a short interview for TMZ, McGregor has said that his opponent should have stayed retired because, according to him, his loss is for sure.

I don’t give a f**k what he did,’ McGregor told TMZ in a foul-mouthed rant on Rodeo Drive.

‘I don’t give a f**k. I don’t care what he done. He should’ve stayed retired. He’s f***ed now. That’s the god’s honest truth. He should have paid his taxes and stayed retired. And kept my name out of his f*****g mouth.’





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