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Footage emerges of Red Star Belgrade fan abusing Xherdan Shaqiri at Anfield

Xherdan Shaqiri will be in for a hostile reception when Liverpool take on Red Star Belgrade next week.

The Liverpool winger caused controversy when he celebrated a goal for Switzerland against Serbia in the World Cup by imitating the two-headed eagle in Albania’s flag.

Political tensions between Albania and Serbia are high and his actions antagonised Serbian fans.

Red Star’s sporting director, Zvezdan Terzic, noted last month that Shaqiri will be the target of abuse when the two sides meet next week.

“I think Shaqiri will undergo extraordinary psychological pressure,” Terzic told daily Serbian publication Kurir, per Goal.

“He knows where he will be going. I know very well that our club is a symbol of Serbia, unlike Partizan Belgrade, who represent Yugoslavia more.

“I do not know if he will be willing to play in Marakana [the nickname of Red Star’s Rajko Mitic Stadium] under these conditions, so I doubt he’ll come. If he comes, he’ll be smaller than a poppy seed.”

But just how bad is his reception going to be?

The Serbian club were banned from selling tickets for their game against Liverpool at Anfield last week, which ended in a comfortable 4-0 victory for Jurgen Klopp’s men.

But some Red Star fans still got into the ground as Liverpool supporters, seemingly with the intention of heckling Shaqiri.

Shaqiri has stated that he is 'not concerned' about the reception he receives

And a video is being circulated showing that Shaqiri’s treatment is likely to be very poor when the two sides meet in Belgrade next week.

One fan delivered some quite sickening abuse against Shaqiri last week. According to Blick, he fan is understood to be saying: “I f ***** your mother” and “You Albanian F *****.”

Watch the video below:

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