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When Real Madrid’s shirt was worth 200 million pesetas

With the new 1.1bn euro contract it will sign with Adidas, Real Madrid will break records, but there was a time back in the 90s when their shirt was worth much less.

To put the new deal into perspective, Los Blancos will earn 110m euros per year from 2020 to 2030.

The figure is double compared to the last renewal with the German firm, numbers that have grown exponentially in recent years.

Real wore Adidas from 1981, and continued to use them until Mendoza decided to change to Hummel in 1986.

This was explained by the president in an interview in MARCA.

“The issue of Adidas is none other than Hummel gives us more money and we live on money, not on illusions.”

Eight years later, in 1994, Kelme took over the manufacture of the shirt, and the Alicante-based brand signed the first major contract for 1,000 million pesetas over five years, equivalent to 200m pesetas each season.

In euros, that would equate to 1.2m per season, almost a hundred times less than what Adidas will pay from 2020.

Madrid rescinded their contract with Hummel with one year remaining, for 30 million pesetas (180,000 euros).

And they also did the same with Kelme to advance the return of Adidas to the club, which occurred in 1998.

The contract was actually signed in August 1997 at a rate of 21,000 million pesetas for 10 years, 2,100 per season; in euros, 126m in total, 12.6m per year; almost ten times less than the current one.

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