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Martin Montoya: Neymar wants to go back to Barcelona

Martín Montoya, the former Barcelona player, spoke to about the rumors linking Neymar Jr. and the Catalan giants. “I think Neymar wants to go back to Barcelona because he felt comfortable and adapted during the three years he was at the club. He had a wonderful connection with Luis Suárez and Messi,” said the Brighton defender.

However, he believes that the return of the Brazilian to Camp Nou is “very difficult” for PSG to allow. “PSG are also a great team and I do not think they’ll let him go easily. They paid a lot of money for him and I do not think Barcelona will pay the same price to bring him back,” Montoya explained.

Martín Montoya, 27, played for Barcelona and Inter Milan before joining Valencia in 2016. Before the Champions League match that sees his two previous teams face off, Montoya spoke about Valverde’s team and Inter striker Mauro Icardo.

“Barça is always Barça. They are one of the best teams and can beat you whenever. They have fantastic players. Look at Tottenham, they’re a great team and they were beaten at Wembley. The game is very close, but I think Barcelona is the favorite.

“(Icardi) is scoring many goals in recent years, he’s the top scorer in Serie A. He will be, well, a world-class player. I think he’ll be a leader in attack.”

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