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Judge decides Neymar’s fate over tax charges

Neymar has been cleared of tax evasion charges in Brazil, confirmed his father.

Neymar Sr called for his family to be left in peace after the justice was served.

The Brazilian superstar was fined with a hefty fee of 50.7million pounds last year for not reporting his earnings, which resulted with an appeal.

“It was with great happiness that we received the news of the file of the complaint of tax evasion intended by the Federal Public Ministry,” said his father.

“The process is officially closed, which shows the legality of all our acts.

“It was four years of unfounded accusations in which I, my family and the employees of my companies suffered a lot, in every possible way.

“Although many doubt, there is justice in our country.

“Accusation by accusation, one after another, were all overturned by our defence, leaving it clear that we did not evade one penny in taxes.

“I hope now that we can focus only on work and that my family has the peace it deserves.” //Actuantes//


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