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Coutinho now into open warfare with Liverpool owners

Philippe Coutinho wants to join Barcelona at all cost and has now broken into open warfare with Liverpool owners, according to the Mirror.

Sky Sports reported that he handed a transfer request yesterday, with the club coming with an open announcement saying that the Brazilian will not leave at any price.

And after that, a family member of Coutinho said that the former Inter Milan man wants a way out, saying: “Philippe has tried very hard to find an amicable solution to this situation but to no avail. He has tremendous love for the club and its fans.

“But like Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez have pointed out in the past, Liverpool does not let its players leave on amicable terms.”

However, Liverpool owners remain completely unfazed by Coutinho’s actions and it is said they have already spoken to the player and told him whatever he does, it will not change the club’s decision not to sell him.

On the other hand, Barcelona are doing everything they can to seal a deal for the 25-year-old, but so far they have seen their bids rejected at least two times. //Actuantes//


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