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Liverpool fans will hate Joey Barton after these comments about Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho’s potential move to Barcelona has dominated the headlines since Neymar completed his world record move of 198million pounds to Paris Saint-Germain earlier this summer.

So far, three offers from the Catalans have been rejected by Liverpool for the Brazilian.

The latest bid rejected was last week in the region of 114million pounds.

The player himself wants the move to happen, as he recently handed a transfer request to the club.

And Joey Barton recently had something interesting to say about the whole Coutinho to Barcelona thing.

While talking on talkSPORT, the former Manchester City midfielder gave some very honest comments on the matter.

“He [Coutinho] wants out, and if you’re getting up to what are they now, almost £120m, it just looks like how much rather than if or when,” Barton said, per Mirror.

“He’s not a Scouser, he’s a Brazilian. He’s already living a fair distance away from home and he’s probably grown up wanting to play for Barcelona.

“No disrespect to Liverpool, but that’s the club Brazilian youngsters grow up wanting to play for nowadays.

“It’s not the Liverpool of the 80s, it’s Liverpool who haven’t won a title for over 20 years, so you can’t blame the boy.

“They should have known a big club was going to come sniffing for him and, although he’s difficult to replace, they should have had replacements lined up for him.” //Actuantes//

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