Pique speaks about his relationship with Ramos on Spain duty

By the way that Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique treat one-another, we assume that the duo hate each-other.

The Spanish defenders often were involved in heated exchanges on social media and outlets hitting out at each-other.

Ramos lately grabbed the headlines after shouting: “Pique, you b****, salute the champions” after Real’s triumph in La Liga title race.

So everybody would think that there would be awkward situations while both are on duty with the national team.

Apparently not.

In an interview with Moviestar, Pique said: “This is a show that people consume a lot. Sergio and I know our relationship, it is very respectful and very cordial.

“When we get together here, we get closer. We are two who have been here for a long time.” //Actuantes//

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