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Mayweather or McGregor? Zlatan has made his choice

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had an interesting way of complimenting Conor McGregor ahead of his huge fight against Floyd Mayweather tonight.

The Manchester United striker is known for his high confidence, matter of fact he thinks he’s invincible, that’s how confident he is on himself.

So when he compared himself to McGregor while talking to SPORTbible, he gave the Irishman the ultimate compliment.

“He is the Ibrahimović of martial arts and I’m McGregor of the football world.”

Zlatan is a known MMA fan and he practices fighting himself.

So that’s why he’s backing McGregor against Mayweather.

“Here you have a guy that has made a career out of many years,” says Zlatan, “and that is Mayweather.

“And then you have the other guy that has made a career in a short time, but … he made himself a big name.

“Everything he said he did, and in this case, you have the MMA going into the boxing.

“Before, you had the boxing trying the MMA and he was outclassed immediately.

“Me as a huge fan of the MMA, I see this fight… I don’t know. It can go both ways.

“Either what people predict that Mayweather will win easy, which I don’t believe.

“I think it’s a hard fight, I think… Mayweather…

“Conor has a power he can knock you out from every angle.

“And he has a confidence, like me.

“He is the Ibrahimović of martial arts and I’m McGregor of the football world.

“So I see him with his confidence. He will win.”

“Because he believes in himself so much and like I say, in everything you do the mental part is 50%.

“If you have the mental, the head, you can do it and achieve.

“And then at the same time he’s skilful, he is the one he is. So I believe in Conor!” //Actuantes//

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