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Luis Saha has revealed an incredible story of him, Van Nistelrooy and Alex Ferguson in the dressing room

Former Manchester United striker Luis Saha has revealed an incredible story of how he received a hairdryer treatment from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Saha had scored a brace with the Red Devils going into half time with a 3-0 lead against Everton.

But despite that, the legendary United manager wasn’t happy with what he saw from the Frenchman and his attack partner Ruud van Nistelrooy, as the duo missed sitters.

And when they entered the dressing room, Saha remembers how the Scotsman “killed” them verbally.

“Once he actually killed me in front of everybody,” Saha said.

“It was my second game at the club. We were playing at a special ground at Goodison Park, we were freeing up so I scored two goals and I was feeling good about my situation.

“But it was the winning mentality of Alex Ferguson, I missed two sitters and I think Ruud Van Nistelrooy missed one as well.

“We should have been like 6-0 up so he actually destroyed me.

“He said I’ve joined a big club now so I have to step up and realise that I shouldn’t have missed those chances.

“I was really surprised because when I heard the Scottish accent, I couldn’t really understand. But I understood when we finished 4-3 because of a comeback and the spirit of Goodison.” //Actuantes//

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