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Barcelona fans are shocked by Sergio Ramos accusations against them

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has bemoaned about the fact that Barcelona are awarded more penalties than Real Madrid after Los Blancos drop of form in La Liga.

Zinedine Zidane’s men suffered a shocking defeat 1-0 at Santiago Bernabeu against Real Betis this week.

And Ramos has taken a shot at Spanish referees, potentially hoping that this might change things for good at Bernabeu.

“The more we speak about the referees the worse it is,” Ramos claimed. “You have to have respect for the officials, they’re doing their best.

“I’d rather not give it importance, but it doesn’t surprise me that they don’t give us penalties, while Barca do get them.

“It’s always harder to give a penalty to Madrid than to another team, but if we’d scored three goals we wouldn’t be lamenting that.” //Actuantes//

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