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This woeful stat proves that Barcelona aren’t performing at the highest level in the CL

Barcelona have won their first two group stage matches in the Champions League.

They defeated Juventus 3-0 in the opening fixture and then Sporting CP 1-0 on Wednesday night.

But Marca have revealed a stat that proves that they aren’t performing at the highest leve in the competition, at least not in the one we were used to see them play.

The Spanish outlet reports that Barcelona have had a total of only 20 shots on goal this season.

They claim it’s based on UEFA statistics, whoch means that their record is amongst the lowest in the competition.

They have less than half the attempts of Bayern Munich’s 45 shots and Real Madrid 43.

The worst are Celtic and Feyenoord, both with 15.

But it’s not all bad for the Blaugrana, as they are the best team along with Manchester City have the highest percentage of passes completed (91%).


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