We finally know the answer why Argentina manager is refusing to play Messi and Dybala together

Argentina are in a very difficult position right now, as they risk losing a spot in the World Cup in Russia next summer.

The runners-up of 2014 are currently in the fifth place of the South American group, winning only six of their last 16 matches so far.

And if Argentina fails to finish inside the top five after the next two matches against Ecuador and Peru, we won’t have the chance of seeing the best player in the world playing in next year’s tournament.

However, Argentina manager Jorge Sampaoli believes that Paulo Dybala and Messi can’t play together because of their similar style of play.

But it’s pitty as both are on fire right now, with Messi scoring 14 goals for Barcelona so far this season, while Dybala has reached the tally of 12 with Juventus.

And the Old Lady forward will be watching the next two games from the bench.

Sampaoli said: “As there is no time to work the Dybala-Messi relationship, we should go to something more concrete.

“I don’t see as something bad what Dybala said. He said that he was happy to play with Messi, but he just did not find his place.

“Leo needs to move in the field normally as he does with his club. To invent a position so as he can develop a system or to structure him, that would be crazy.

“When we use 4-2-3-1 formation he is even further forward, always near the box. Being away from the box puts our best player far from the scoring positions and that is what he does best in his club.

“It is my job to make him understand that he is vital in the finishing, in the last third of the pitch.” //Actuantes//

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